Tools & Resources

Tools & Resources

Elevate Your Leadership & Culture

You’re on a journey of strengthening your leadership and elevating your organization’s culture. Leverage these complimentary tools and resources from the experts at humanworks8 to develop and support your sustainable people practices.



Everyone Contributes: The Communication Guide

The Communication Guide is a humanworks8 tool that inspires communication confidence, resets expectations and fuels team effectiveness through self-reflection and team discussion. The Communication Guide helps you identify your communication basics, criteria needed to make your greatest contributions, the drive behind your contributions and support needed.

Blog: Creating a Culture Where Everyone Contributes

Tool: The Communication Guide by humanworks8

Everyone Thrives: The Compass

Elevate confidence and develop deeper connections with your employees through defining personal core values. We lead a workshop that helps individuals define their values and explore how they align to the values of your organization. Participants will end this engagement with the foundation for their set of personal values and be able to apply them at work, at home and at play.

Blog: The Compass

Tool: The Compass

Everyone Believes: The Employer Brand Builder

Dive into the components of an employer brand and create a roadmap to your organization's employer branding success. Consider elements including job postings, candidate communications, onboarding experience, feedback opportunities and community engagement efforts as you begin your journey to being named an award-winning employer.

Blog: How to Build Your Employer Brand

Tool: The Employer Brand Builder

Everyone Contributes: The Engagement Survey Blueprint

There's more to an employee engagement survey than a few questions. Use The Engagement Survey Blueprint to set the stage for your surveying efforts, draft the right questions, define the ideal communication plan and, most importantly, address how you'll take action on survey results.

Blog: How to Take Action on Engagement Survey Results

Tool: The Engagement Survey Blueprint by humanworks8

Everyone Learns: The ISo Tool

The Identify Specific Opportunities (ISo) model follows a convention that mirrors cause and effect. For example, I want this, so I must do that. The ISo Tool jumpstarts an individual's upskilling journey through four pillars of personal and professional development, including identifying mentors, interests, values and strengths. Designed to inspire critical thinking about next actions, the ISo model propels momentum.

Blog: What To Do Before You Upskill

Tool: The ISo Tool by humanworks8

Everyone Contributes: The Recognition Reboot

Recognition is a core values-based initiative that touches individuals across an organization, no matter the role, tenure or location. The Recognition Reboot tool transforms existing recognition practices into a strategy that covers all the bases: inclusion of all employees, leadership involvement, program sustainability, high participation, clear communication and celebration.

Blog: Redesigning Employee Recognition

Tool: The Recognition Reboot by humanworks8

Everyone Thrives: The Well-Being Toolkit

The robust Well-Being Toolkit by humanworks8 is a combination of tools that elevate well-being through both reflection and action. This toolkit includes: The Well-Being Roadmap designed for individual core values and well-being strategies, The Leader Well-Being Self-Assessment intended to inspire people leaders to reflect on reality and elevate their modeling and championing of well-being, and The 12/12 Well-Being Pitch and Event Planner, a tactical tool centered on a unique strategy for well-being that brings leaders to the forefront of program execution. Each tool creates an opportunity to move from an organization with a wellness program to well-being as a way of working and operating as a business.

Blog: How to Build A Culture of Well-Being

Tool: The Everyone Thrives Toolkit by humanworks8

Everyone Matters: The You Matter Here Conversation Planner

A new take on the traditional "stay interview," The You Matter Here Conversation Planner is inspired by inclusivity, performance management and retention. Work through this tool for best practices and questions that will strengthen leader-direct report relationships, give leaders confidence as they navigate conversations and promote transparency and trust.

Blog: Engaging, Retaining and Managing Lives

Tool: The You Matter Here Conversation Planner by humanworks8

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Next Step Insurance

This co-owned insurance start-up energized its business through strategic planning and coaching driven by new core values and the conative strengths of the team.

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Miron Construction

This 100+ year old family-owned company elevated core values that are now evident in people practices across office locations and job sites, and are the foundation for the organization’s strategic plan.

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Penfield Core Values

Penfield Children’s Center

This Milwaukee non-profit has hired right-fit talent, connected people practices to core values, prioritized leadership development and has a living, breathing strategic plan for success.

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