The Core Value Touchpoints

The Core Value Touchpoints

Culture Development

Your core values tell the world what to expect from you and show the world what’s important to you. They are the basis of every relationship, the drivers of your decisions and your differentiator from the competition. Every organization has living core values, whether they’ve been successfully captured or not. Are yours clarified and communicated? At humanworks8, we help you discover your organization’s unwritten core values or elevate your existing values to energize your company culture and customer experience.


We lead interactive leadership and team discussions and storytelling sessions focused on what truly makes your organization unique, capturing the essence of your business success.


We partner with organization leadership to derive meaningful values that already exist but haven’t yet been captured and brought to life through every People Touchpoint.

Build & Evolve

We guide actions for rolling out new values and create a roadmap for making the values part of your organization’s priority People Touchpoints, elevating hiring, performance and more.

The 12 People Touchpoints

The 12 People Touchpoints are areas within your business that directly impact people. Since your organization’s success relies on people, the strength of these touchpoints is essential. How can you create sustainable people practices within your organization and elevate the 12 People Touchpoints?




DEI & Belonging




Orientation & Onboarding

Performance Management

Performance Management

Process and Policies

Process & Policies



Strategy and Planning

Strategy & Planning



Talent Discovery

Talent Discovery & Optimization


Training & Development


Client Examples and Testimonials

The team at humanworks8 has guided Penfield on an extraordinary journey to coalesce around shared values, align the talents of our team and focus on immediate and strategic, mission-driven priorities.  humanworks created intentional space and opportunity for staff, board and leadership to identify our long-standing, shared values and unite around organizational challenges. Penfield’s core values provide a framework for how we work together, treat one another and interact with our constituents.  With the guidance of humanworks8, Penfield has strengthened all its processes and culture around recruitment, hiring and retention of our most valuable asset-people.

Christine Holmes

Former President, Penfield Children’s Center

We’ve been very fortunate to grow as consistently as we have in our first four years of business. But, as we were hiring more people we realized that we needed to better define our core purpose, our processes and the core values that would guide those processes.  We turned to humanworks8, and they supported us in this endeavor so we could stay focused on our business. The team guided us through an interactive and insightful discovery process to reveal our existing core values, bring clarity to our purpose and stimulate new ideas for a brighter future. humanworks8 was exactly what we needed. They challenged us, held us accountable and celebrated alongside us throughout this process. We can already see the positive impact it’s had on our culture and client experience. As owners, we feel re-energized and our stylists feel a deeper connection to each other and to their impact on the salon’s goals.

Suzanne Kelly and Kevin Steltz

Owners, Wildheart Salon

Throughout our journey with humanworks8, we gained a new perspective on ourselves, our team and our company that will set us up for the future we envision. We celebrated individual and team strengths, defined our core values, hired new team members and clarified our strategic vision. The humanworks8 team went above and beyond our expectations, providing the structure, flexibility and facilitation we needed while offering timely support and empowering coaching along the way. We’re excited about the progress we made throughout this process and feel like we’re back on track. This time spent working on the business has been invaluable.

Kevin Stifle and Kristina George

Co-Owners, Next Step Insurance

In 2021, Miron embarked on a journey to revisit and potentially revise our six corporate drivers to ensure they remained authentic to who we are as an organization. We felt it was critical to partner with an outside organization that specializes in this type of work to ensure we didn’t enter the process with any preconceived notions or biases. After going through an RFP process, we selected humanworks8, and looking back, we could not have asked for a more talented, genuine, and passionate group of individuals to work with. The team at humanworks8 truly became an extension of the Miron family. We are so grateful for their guidance and assistance with defining our organization’s core values. We were thrilled with the results not only because they so artfully captured what drives our organization, but because they worked so closely with our employees to articulate them. I have no doubt that we will remain connected to the team at humanworks8 and I am hopeful that we will have the opportunity to work with them again in the future.

Jen Bauer

Senior Vice President, Marketing & Culture, Miron Construction Co., Inc.

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