How do you show employees they matter?

Does your company have a way worth following?

What model do your leaders follow?

Are your values alive in every people touchpoint?

We’re ready to show you how human works.

humanworks8 is a team of business consultants who improve an organization’s bottom line by building sustainable people practices. Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we solve business problems for clients nationwide with our unique Elevation Process, driven by a philosophy we call The 8.

Through expert facilitation and collaborative implementation, we provide the framework to achieve your organization’s next level of success, bringing work to life, and life to work through four end-to-end service solutions:

Our Values

Champion People

Lift people up. Never lose sight of who makes everything possible in the first place.

Be Authentic

Follow your instincts. Honor your vision. Stay true to your dreams.


Never settle for the easy answer. Pave a better, brighter path.


Pause & reflect. Find energy in balanced well-being.


Be curious & be in awe. Always believe in what could come next.

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No two of us are precisely the same.

But we all share eight spectacular human qualities.