Strategic Planning

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Strategic Planning

The Way

Strategic Planning

Do you try to do all your strategic planning by yourself, without an expert, objective facilitator? Does your current strategic plan allow you to test, refine and align each employee’s daily actions to your annual and future milestones? At humanworks8, we help your leadership team create more than a strategic plan, we guide you in developing your company’s unique “way” of working.

Built on the belief that Everyone Rises and influenced by business management pioneers including Gino Wickman and Dan Sullivan, we combine proven systems with our own learnings and experience gained through over 600 strategic planning sessions. Through expert facilitation, our team brings clarity to project priorities and frees leaders to put more energy into working on the business. We empower and support executive leaders in energizing core processes that produce confidence, accountability and results.


Create a living strategic plan. Get your strategic vision and plan of action into two pages and regularly revisit it for alignment.


Systemize the processes in your business to conserve energy for priority projects and build consistency in your language and approach.


Build leaders at every level. Show each employee how their work aligns to the company vision and challenge them to hold each other accountable.

Client Testimonials

Thanks to our partnership with humanworks8, we were able to implement a strategic planning process that truly fulfilled the demands of our entrepreneurial-minded business. From their authentic and engaging facilitation to their deep investment in understanding the unique needs of both our people and our business, the team at humanworks8 has consistently made us stronger. Our leadership team has never felt more aligned or more prepared for growth as we do now, thanks to humanworks8

Jesse DePinto

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, Frontdesk

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