The Leadership Model

Leadership Development

Your culture, your bottom line and your ability to reach your strategic vision come directly from your leaders. How can you create leaders at every level of your organization? At humanworks8, we partner with you to initiate crucial conversations, introduce powerful tools and set a new expectation for role modeling and accountability – creating your organization’s “Leadership Model” and path to success. Our proven process for elevating leaders weaves The 8 into development opportunities that result in leaders who can confidently lead and grow thriving teams with purpose.

The Leadership Model

What does it mean to be a leader in your organization? Define your organization’s expectations for leaders and create a pattern of ongoing reinforcement that brings your way of leadership to life. Using the humanworks8 Leadership Model Process, we elevate your foundation, ignite leader confidence and equip your people for the future.

Leadership Development Offerings

Are you interested in leadership development, but not ready to begin building your Leadership Model? Invite us to address your current leadership gaps. These 10 workshop topics strengthen the foundation on which your organization’s Leadership Model is built.


Activate Your Instinct: An Introduction to Kolbe

Leverage the innate instincts of your employees to improve business results. We help you apply the principles of Kolbe Wisdom™ to build employee confidence, improve productivity and strengthen teams. humanworks8 will engage employees in the Kolbe A™ Index and facilitate an interactive workshop that brings the power of Kolbe Wisdom to life and makes it tangible for all participants.

Authoring Personal Core Values

Elevate confidence and develop deeper connections with your employees through defining personal core values. We lead a workshop that helps individuals define their values and explore how they align to the values of your organization. Participants will end this engagement with the foundation for their set of personal values and be able to apply them at work, at home and at play.

Well-Being for Leaders

Establish a balanced, energizing environment through refocusing your leaders on well-being and community. This workshop is based on humanworks8’s Leader Well-Being Self-Assessment and focused on creating action and accountability.

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

To reach your organization’s goals, your people must trust each other, understand how the other members of the team work and commit to your vision. This workshop is designed to teach the concepts of Patrick Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions of a Team model and apply them to real team challenges. Through a Team Assessment, reflection and discussion, humanworks8 will dive into the heart of teamwork and help you set a course for success.

The Ideal Team Player

A follow-up to The Five Dysfunctions of a Team workshop, this session builds on the three indispensable virtues of a team player. humanworks8 guides team conversation around Patrick Lencioni’s Ideal Team Player framework and facilitates brainstorming around applications for your organization’s hiring, recognition and employee growth practices. An individual assessment completed during this time will also guide future actions and boost accountability.

The Contentment Ethic

Leaders of the future must be courageous in the face of rapid change and resourceful in overcoming obstacles. Participants will learn the unexpected value of contentment, including the influence this quality has within a team. Explore seven beliefs that can be used to develop your Contentment Ethic and complete a Contentment Survey to establish a baseline on which to build.

Leading in a Diverse World

Leaders must embrace the value of diversity and create environments that model empathy, seeking first to understand and free employees to be their true selves. During this session, participants will practice a model for being part of and leading diverse teams with openness and curiosity.

Building a Gratitude Practice

Take a moment to meaningfully pause. Learn and discover the value in building a gratitude practice as we share 10 gratitude principles that can change your life and form a foundation for your future outlook. Participants will leave with a new perspective and immediate actions to take.

The Power of Questions

Successful teams rise to the challenge of each day by questioning together, and great leaders know that nothing unlocks possibility like asking the right question at the right time. Learn how to ignite a culture of questioning that will lead to the discovery of opportunities, greater autonomy and stronger interpersonal relationships.

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