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Shawn Gulyas

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humanworks was born out of a belief that people matter. Period. Shawn exists to design and facilitate creative experiences that challenge one’s thinking and action – helping individuals and companies find their authenticity, breathe into their well-being, champion themselves and others, elevate action, and wonder always. 

After working a quarter of a century with La Macchia Enterprises (LME) / The Mark Travel Corporation (TMTC) as Vice President of Human Resources, Shawn recently joined BVK – a Top 25 marketing and advertising agency headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin as their Chief Talent Officer.  He has been Kolbe certified for over 10 years and led LME to receive the 2017 Kolbe Enterprise Award for conative excellence. 

For humanworks, think of Shawn as a “jump-starter” of energy and ideas around bringing work to life by creating communities where values, natural instincts and well-being are the essence of success. Other things Shawn believes in: Peace, love and Yoda.

Rebecca Swanson

Rebecca’s LinkedIn

Rebecca’s ability to make positive human connections with ease and foster meaningful relationships has contributed to a recruiting career that has spanned more than 20 years. She is an employer brand ambassador, linking all talent actions back to the organization’s core purpose and values to ensure she’s connecting the right people to the right opportunities in partnership with hiring leaders.

Rebecca has a demonstrated history of securing talent in a variety of disciplines and has had focus on human resources, compensation management, career development, and talent lifecycle engagement.

At humanworks, think of Rebecca as the talent seeker, weighing in on all things talent lifecycle – from first impression to onboarding. When she’s not professionally networking, Rebecca appreciates time spent socializing with friends and family, practicing yoga, and enjoying life with her husband and two dogs through good food, hiking and travel.

Sarah Marshall

Sarah’s LinkedIn

With a passion for helping people bring their best selves to work and an addiction to organization, Sarah breaks down the big picture into calculated actions. This can be said for whatever she’s working on – from planning a family vacation to building an intranet site. Sarah finds joy in (and is pretty good at) envisioning, road mapping and executing strategies around organizational communication, employee engagement, employer branding and event planning.

Sarah’s trust in the power of connection combined with her Journalism and MBA degrees have led her to roles at a small start-up, large corporation, non-profit and more.

At humanworks, Sarah serves as the experience architect, building the roadmap for communications and people experiences. During “me time,” you can find Sarah at a workout class, enjoying the great outdoors or getting a little too competitive over a board game, probably still managing to organize something into a spreadsheet.

AJ Kruse

AJ’s LinkedIn

AJ was born to gain understandings and find improvements that he can organize and share with others. He needs to make things make sense, not only for himself, but for you as well. His resilient curiosity is illuminated by people and discovering how they work.

This quality, along with his knack for joining backstage design and front stage presentation has guided him through a dynamic professional career that began in elementary education and has continued in organizational development. After making the leap to corporate education with La Macchia Enterprises, AJ is now the Senior Manager of Learning and Engagement at BVK in Milwaukee, WI.

For humanworks, think of AJ as someone who holds fast, lighting the path to improvement and handing you tools to make the journey a success. What else makes AJ tick? Faith, family and Friday night pizza.

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