The 8

The “8” in our name represents eight universal truths about people. Every solution, every service, every relationship we have begins with this understanding.

Organizations flourish and bottom lines improve when these eight truths are recognized and elevated.

Everyone’s Unique

Activate Instincts & Discover Talent

When you can work in a style that feels natural, you thrive. So how do you discover someone’s natural ways of working? Using proven processes, we’ll help you understand each individual’s passions and instincts, so you can activate their most fluid and productive ways of working. That’s how you find, welcome and engage the right person for the right role.

Everyone Believes

Identify Values & Create Vision

We all depend on our values and beliefs to help us make decisions in life. It’s easier (and more fulfilling) to get up and go to work when we feel like we’re doing it for the right reasons, and contributing to a common good. How can you tap into that human motivation? By revealing your unique culture and core values, we create a clear beacon to inspire, encourage and guide your employees.  

Everyone Connects

Develop Relationships & Foster Teamwork

Two brains are better than one. But how do you create pathways to partnership and foster an environment of collaboration across a sprawling organization? It all starts with building trust and support. We’ll help you create interactions among team members that develop and unite well-connected, high-performing, diverse teams.

Everyone Contributes

Question Together & Communicate Clearly

We love a good question, because that means a great conversation is right around the corner. A good question reminds us every person has a voice, and every person has a valuable point of view. Are you ready to honor and listen to your unique thinkers? We’ll help you create a communication framework that inspires them to speak up and fuel your business with fresh ideas.

Everyone Rises

Energize Systems & Inspire Leadership

We all want to give our very best. So how do we create processes that help us naturally rise to the challenge? By embracing the people that work within those processes every day, you can refine and elevate systems in a way that creates clarity at every level of operation. We’ll help energize core processes and unique ways of working that produce confidence, accountability and the discipline of true leadership.

Everyone Learns

Improve Performance & Encourage Development

Tomorrow requires new knowledge and creative solutions. So how do you boost personal development and progressive performance? We believe the same drive that motivates a learner empowers them to teach. We’ll help you create a learning environment—driven by your employees themselves—that celebrates discovery, personal growth and positions talent for tomorrow’s needs.

Everyone Thrives

Boost Well-Being & Enliven Community

We’re not robots. We all find energy in different outlets and feel at home in different environments. So how do we create an atmosphere that promotes fulfillment? Focusing on harmony and community, we’ll help you crack the wellness code to establish balanced, energizing environments in which everyone can live their best life.

Everyone Matters

Bring Work to Life & Life to Work

We believe each person is inherently significant. Everyone’s dreams, talents, instincts, quirks and characteristics play a vital role in bringing your business to life. Your employees produce the pulse of your company, and when they’re nurtured and elevated, business grows—and potential expands. We’ll help you facilitate conversations and actions to create an environment of belonging and inclusion across your talent canvas.

humanworks8 was born out of a belief that people matter.