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The Talent Canvas

humanworks &
Kolbe WisdomTM

The Talent Canvas

Talent Optimization

Improve workplace communication, make better hiring decisions, strengthen teams and maximize the potential of each individual on your team. That’s the advantage of understanding and celebrating each person’s natural modus operandi (mode of operating), their conative strengths.

Three Parts of the Mind

Our understanding of people is grounded in Kolbe Wisdom™ and all three parts of the mind – cognitive, affective and conative. Understanding conation is foundational to elevating the people touchpoints across an organization.

The Conative Advantage

With over 20 years of combined experience working with Kolbe assessments ad applying Kolbe Wisdom with entrepreneurs and business teams, we have seen success in hiring, team effectiveness, and interpersonal relationships.

Take the Kolbe A™ Index

The Kolbe A measures your natural strengths across four Action Modes®: Fact Finder, Follow Thru, Quick Start, and Implementor. Unlike personality tests, Kolbe measures your instinctive way of problem solving.

Your Talent Engagement Journey

Understanding your Kolbe A Index result can result in reduced stress, strengthened relationships and increased productivity. It’s not a one-and-done assessment – The Kolbe System supports the hiring process, performance management practices and team synergy.

Talent Discovery

Hire Right-Fit Talent

Consider all three parts of the mind in your search for talent. Boost confidence as you define the role, assess applicants and screen for conative strengths.

Elevate Performance

Look at employees through a new lens. Using the Kolbe B Index, identify and enable new strategies for individual performance.

Maximize Teamwork

Get the full picture of your team’s conative culture. When you understand the instinctive needs within your team, you can strive for team synergy.

Client Success

The Wellness Council of Wisconsin (WCWI) has benefited immensely from the consultative partnership and innovative services of humanworks8. As a non-profit organization, WCWI has worked through many strategic organizational changes in the last five years, and gratefully we’ve had humanworks8 as a consulting partner to support our process to successfully hire three new staff members using their expertise in the Kolbe Index and their RightFit Process. Sarah and Rebecca felt like an extension of my team as they supported me in exploring our needs and formed the best case scenarios for building the team. They provided assessment data, thorough and actionable debriefs, and thoughtful, objective insight that ultimately brought our organization three staff members that are truly the “right fit” for their roles, our staff team, and the mission-driven work of WCWI. And their service was timely, responses were prompt, and they were a pleasure to work with. The use of the Kolbe A Index, with the guidance of humanworks8, has given WCWI a new, actionable perspective on the instinctive strengths and needs of our team and WCWI’s Board of Directors so that we can continue to strive toward optimal operations and team synergy.

Marissa Kalkman, Executive Director

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