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The Kolbe SystemTM

humanworks &
Kolbe WisdomTM

The Kolbe SystemTM

Talent Engagement

Did you know there are three parts to the mind – cognitive, affective and conative? humanworks8 celebrates the uniqueness of your employees using all three parts of the mind and implements the full scope of Kolbe methodology and tools, summarized as the Kolbe SystemTM. The humanworks8 team is certified to administer Kolbe assessments, interpret results and form meaningful actions based on the results. With over 20 years of combined experience both learning about conation from theorist and Kolbe Corp. founder Kathy Kolbe and applying Kolbe Wisdom with business teams, we have seen success in matching talent to specific roles, increased team effectiveness, improved interpersonal relationships and overall personal growth.

Building Your Unique Kolbe Engagement

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Uncover Individual Strengths

Maximize employee potential by taking the only validated assessment that measures an individual’s conative strengths – the Kolbe ATM Index.

Right Person, Right Seat

Consider all three parts of the mind in your search for talent. Boost confidence as you define the role, assess applicants and screen for conative strengths.

Elevate Performance

Look at employees through a new lens. Using the Kolbe BTM Index, identify and enable new strategies for individual performance.  

Team Success

Get the full picture of your team’s conative culture. When you understand the instinctive needs within your team, you can strive for team synergy.

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humanworks8 in Action

humanworks8 is committed to continuous learning from Kolbe Corp., Kathy Kolbe and other Kolbe CertifiedTM Consultants. See the team in action at Kolbe events!

Are you ready to activate your instincts?

Learn how humanworks8 can help you understand your natural ways of working and deliver better results.

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