Putting People First

humanworks8 Services

The Core Value Touchpoints

Culture Development Solution

Elevate your employee experience by uncovering
your authentic core values and integrating them
into every business touchpoint.

The Talent Canvas

Talent Optimization Solution

Improve your team’s effectiveness, hire right-fit
candidates and establish talent practices
that maximize each person’s natural strengths.

The Way

Strategic Planning Solution

Define your strategic vision and unite your
team around one Way of working to achieve it,
ensuring alignment and instilling accountability.

The Leadership Model

Leadership Development Solution

Develop the skills of your people leaders and
create a continuous, living model for leadership
within your business.

Speaking Engagements

Keynotes & Workshops

Work with humanworks8 to customize a keynote or interactive presentation focused on leadership, team building, belonging and more for your team or organization.

The humanworks8 Elevation Process

The Elevation Process brings us shoulder-to-shoulder with your team, working together to extend and elevate your practices by building upon the talents, values and purpose that already exist within your organization. The change we create is sustainable because it’s grounded in what makes you truly unique.

We’re ready to show you how human works…Are you in?