Putting People First

Our Unique Approach

humanworks is a consultancy that elevates organizations by putting people first. We work side-by-side with leaders to craft customized solutions, solving business problems by empowering individuals. We’re here to end the idea that work happens apart from life.

humanworks Capabilities

Organizational Culture & Core Values

We activate core values, develop models for leadership and align programs and policies to a strengthened cultural framework. 
Core Values Development

Express your organization’s authentic identity and make it part of everything you do. We help you use clear, actionable language to articulate core values that are true to your employee experience, serve as guiding beacons of your culture, attract future talent and drive your policies and processes. 

Policy & Programming

Transform your employee handbook into a roadmap for your culture and a celebration of your values. We help you reinforce your culture by re-envisioning your policies and programs, ensuring they align to your values while still mitigating risk. Then, we convert your policy documents from a static resource into a dynamic experience that builds higher accountability and engagement. 

Executive Mentorship

Collaborate with an expert on company culture and engagement. We partner with executives on an individual level to elevate their potential and drive business results through frequent and focused discussion sessions. 

Elevate Sessions

Leverage our experience and expertise on a people-related problem or employee touchpoint in this facilitated brainstorm session, where we ask questions and share realistic ideas that align with your values and raise the bar for your organization. 

Strategic Alignment & Unified Systems

We create accountability at every level of an organization by aligning one vision and a course of action to achieve it, and empowering confidence and clarity through consistent operating practices.
Vision & Operating Systems

Create consistency and accountability in your operations. We help you get everyone rowing in the same direction by incorporating custom tools and identifying a common language to align your organization’s “way” of thinking and working.  This frees your employees to devote more of their energy to achieving your strategic vision, not reinventing the wheel. 

Leadership Development

Create your organization’s model for leadership. We combine universal elements of excellence in leadership with the unique values and needs of your organization to develop leadership qualities through ongoing reinforcements that occur as an organic part of your operating system. 

Change Management

Grow through periods of dynamic change and emerge as a stronger organization. We prioritize people and reinforce authentic communication practices to build employee trust during mergers & acquisitions, reductions in force or other reorganizations. 

Crisis Response & Communication

Be thoughtful and timely in your response to externally influenced or isolated company issues through clear internal messaging and meaningful action plans that harness your organization’s unique way and keep employees both informed and connected. 

Right Talent Right Role

We implement talent discovery processes that identify individual strengths and align talent to roles. We strengthen performance management, boost team effectiveness and support employees through career transitions.
Team Effectiveness

Using the proven wisdom of Kolbe™, Unique Ability™ and our personal core values discovery, we build your leadership and employees’ confidence and increase team effectiveness by helping them understand their natural strengths and the strengths of others. 

Talent Discovery

Add a new dimension to your candidate review process with a more holistic perspective to support hiring right fit people who align to the demands of the role and your unique culture. We elevate the components of your recruiting toolkit by combining expertise in recruiting and marketing to refine your job descriptions, postings, interview questions and employer brand elements, all tying back to your core values. 

Coaching & Transition

Create confidence for employees transitioning up or out of the organization. We combine confidence building with leadership coaching and practical career insights to equip individuals for successful transition whether continuing their career within your organization, or outside of it as a member of your alumni team. 

Performance Management

Empower employees to drive their growth and development. We help you design a customized, employee led approach to performance management that creates individual accountability while providing a system of authentic support. 

Employee Experience

We activate internal communication and amplify employee engagement by building a roadmap for well-being, learning and social connection. 

Ignite your new-employee experience and build a foundation for their success through a holistic onboarding plan that extends beyond day one. We audit and improve both the backstage and frontstage processes for new employee orientation, consistently engaging leaders and current employees along the way.  

Internal Communication

Establish a single source of truth for company information. Whether auditing an existing strategy or creating a new one, we elevate your internal communications by establishing a proactive daily approach, sourcing content from your team and developing a unique style guide to reinforce consistency.  


Define or refocus your overarching engagement strategy. We guide your approach to employee training, corporate wellness or give back initiatives to ensure they align to your mission and values and achieve measurable results. 

Employee Feedback

Establish a foundation of trust with employees by asking the right questions and actively listening to form meaningful action. Together, we create an employee lifecycle survey series that gathers job, leader and organization-level feedback that will help you form thoughtful strategies to improve your employee experience.  

We’re ready to show you how human works…Are you in?