The Future of Workplace Culture

The strength of an organization’s culture directly impacts the overall health of the organization. Culture is an integral part of success, and more than ever, leaders are seeking tangible tools and a framework to guide purposeful action and support sustainable people practices. The downside of poor organizational culture wreaks havoc on a leader and their team.

Leaders, you are not alone – Culture(&): The Future of Workplace Culture will educate and prepare you to achieve your organization’s next level of success, with content and inspiration from humanworks8, experts in culture, talent, strategy and leadership. Episodes will challenge your thinking while sharing practical and tangible tools to bring to your organization to improve productivity, decrease turnover, attract new talent and other ways to improve your organization’s culture and efficiency.


Episode Eleven: Unveiling Workplace Trends

In this episode of Culture(&), Shawn Gulyas and Jason Cochran uncover the top 5 of 10 transformative trends that are reshaping the way we work. Whether you’re a forward-thinking leader, a curious employee, or simply someone interested in the evolving landscape of work, this episode is for you. Tune in as they explore the implications of work autonomy, shift towards meaningful work, focus on workplace mental health, impact of technology, and the evolution of leadership practices. By the end of this episode, you’ll be equipped with fresh perspectives, actionable strategies, and a keen understanding of the key ingredients to thrive in the future of work. Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series!

Episode Ten: Moments That Matter

In this episode of Culture (&), Shawn takes us on a thought-provoking journey, challenging us to rethink the traditional concept of leadership development. Rather than focusing solely on training programs, Shawn advocates for leaders to embrace and cultivate meaningful moments in their interactions with employees. These moments of caring and connection are the key to creating a strong organizational culture that sparks engagement and aligns people around shared values and purpose.

Episode Nine: Everyone Matters

In this episode of Culture (&), Shawn shares practical insights and tangible tools to promote a culture of belonging and mattering. He emphasizes the role of leaders in championing this belief and shares ways to initiate conversations and personal growth in the realms of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. Listeners are encouraged to reflect on their own experiences and biases, and to commit to creating a workplace culture where everyone feels valued and significant.

Episode Eight: Everyone Thrives

In this episode of Culture (&), Shawn and Sarah explore the importance of well-being in the workplace and how it relates to organizational culture. From intentionality to a strong foundation of core values, the duo discusses how to create a culture of well-being that champions people and emphasizes leadership support, while advocating for a simpler and clearer approach to well-being initiatives.

Episode Seven: Everyone Learns

In this episode, AJ delves into the transformative power of continuous learning. He sheds light on the benefits of directed learning, shares anecdotes from exemplary organizations, and offers valuable insights to help individuals thrive in today’s fast-paced professional landscape.

Episode Six: Everyone Rises

In Episode Six, Shawn emphasizes the significance of culture in achieving business success, highlighting the link between culture and strategy. He challenges common approaches to strategy and planning, advocating for a simpler and more intentional method that focuses on vision and action. Tune in to hear common questions from business owners and executive leadership teams, and Shawn’s insights on becoming more efficient, learning from successes and failures, and holding people accountable.

Episode Five: Everyone Contributes

In this episode, Sarah Marshall, The Experience Architect at humanworks8, shares the foundational components to successful internal communications that make up the 365 Communication Model. Whether you’re communicating to 1 or 1,000, these foundational practices support your organization’s culture of communication, of contribution, and of conversation.

Episode Four: Everyone Connects – High-Performing Teams

It takes two to be a team, and two is better than one, but teamwork starts with the individual and with connection. In this episode, Shawn Gulyas of humanworks8 redefines teamwork and shares the five things AI Chat is missing about teamwork.

Episode Three: Everyone Believes

The core values of your organization are like the cultural landscape that defines it. These values are embodied by every employee and decision, and they give life to your story, helping you attract new talent, navigate marketplace challenges, and drive your bottom line. Shawn shares insights on how to transform your organization’s cultural landscape by focusing on your core values and the touchpoints that shape your people’s experiences.

Episode Two: Everyone’s Unique – Talent Optimization

Talent optimization is a cultural imperative, and it looks like me at my best, you at your best. It starts with the belief that Everyone’s Unique, and both considers and celebrates all three parts of one’s mind – the affective, cognitive and lesser-known conative. Are you considering all three parts of the mind when hiring, onboarding, developing each member of your team? These three parts working together is talent optimization at its zenith, but requires committed action to be at the forefront of an organization’s culture.

Episode One: The Cultural Compass

Everyone is familiar with the rather vintage artifact known as a compass. Its goal was to provide navigation and orientation – a sense of direction for any kind of traveler. What compass-like tool are you using to set the direction for your organization’s culture? What framework is giving you confidence that you are taking purposeful action to impact your business culture to your organization’s unique True North? Shawn Gulyas, Founder of humanworks8 explores these and other questions to challenge your thinking on where your organization is headed.

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Culture(&): The Future of Workplace Culture is part of the GGG Unleashed series of the award-winning Geeks, Geezers and Googlization Show with Ira Wolfe and Jason Cochran.