The Future of Workplace Culture

The strength of an organization’s culture directly impacts the overall health of the organization. Culture is an integral part of success, and more than ever, leaders are seeking tangible tools and a framework to guide purposeful action and support sustainable people practices. The downside of poor organizational culture wreaks havoc on a leader and their team.

Leaders, you are not alone – Culture(&): The Future of Workplace Culture will educate and prepare you to achieve your organization’s next level of success, with content and inspiration from humanworks8, experts in culture, talent, strategy and leadership. Episodes will challenge your thinking while sharing practical and tangible tools to bring to your organization to improve productivity, decrease turnover, attract new talent and other ways to improve your organization’s culture and efficiency.


Episode Two: Everyone’s Unique – Talent Optimization

Talent optimization is a cultural imperative, and it looks like me at my best, you at your best. It starts with the belief that Everyone’s Unique, and both considers and celebrates all three parts of one’s mind – the affective, cognitive and lesser-known conative. Are you considering all three parts of the mind when hiring, onboarding, developing each member of your team? These three parts working together is talent optimization at its zenith, but requires committed action to be at the forefront of an organization’s culture.

Episode One: The Cultural Compass

Everyone is familiar with the rather vintage artifact known as a compass. Its goal was to provide navigation and orientation – a sense of direction for any kind of traveler. What compass-like tool are you using to set the direction for your organization’s culture? What framework is giving you confidence that you are taking purposeful action to impact your business culture to your organization’s unique True North? Shawn Gulyas, Founder of humanworks8 explores these and other questions to challenge your thinking on where your organization is headed.

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Culture(&): The Future of Workplace Culture is part of the GGG Unleashed series of the award-winning Geeks, Geezers and Googlization Show with Ira Wolfe and Jason Cochran.