Case Study: Miron Construction Co., Inc.

Case Study: Miron Construction Co., Inc.

The Outcomes

Internal and external values language, Unique set of company Ground Rules

Values-based employee training and new hire experience

400+ recognition award nominations in year one

27 clear annual strategic plans for each department team

Client Profile


1500 Employees


Founded 1918

Neenah, WI

Miron Construction Co., Inc. is committed to building a strong internal culture and people practices that align with its core values. Building from their existing six drivers, the team is looking for support and guidance in best practices for development and roll-out of elevated values.

humanworks8 Solutions


Beginning in April 2021, the humanworks8 team facilitated 13 Values Discovery Sessions with Miron team members representing all departments, levels and tenures within the organization. The stories surfaced during these conversations created a sense of pride among participants, as they were reminded of what makes Miron a great place to work.

Common themes were identified across the sessions and values were drafted, edited and perfected until we landed on five new core values. Throughout this time, we also facilitated Ground Rules discussions and prioritized the people touchpoints within the business. Top touchpoints included Communications, Onboarding & Orientation, Recognition and an all-company training called The Miron Way.

The humanworks8 team worked alongside Miron to plan the values launch at the annual employee summit, and ultimately co-presented the unveiling of the values at the start of 2022. Meanwhile, values were incorporated into various communication efforts, including internal channels such as the intranet, e-mail templates, signatures and employee swag, and external channels including the Miron website, business cards, employee LinkedIn header images and more. The Miron Way experienced a full overhaul, launching its first renewed event in Q2 2022. Recognition and onboarding experiences were also elevated with values at the center.


Miron Summit

After living with new core values for nearly a year, the humanworks8 team began working with Miron’s leadership team to establish a new way of working for the organization. Shifting from an old model and experiences with ineffective strategic planning methods, the Miron team harnessed their five core values to adopt a new way of business strategy that works for their unique needs as a growing family-owned organization with over 1000 people.

Within 90 days of being introduced to the humanworks8 approach to strategic planning, all Miron departments had individual department strategic plans that complemented what the leadership team created for the organization as a whole. The executive team had fully adopted the practices we shared, and HR leadership was learning facilitation best practices for future quarterly strategic planning sessions.

Client Feedback

In 2021, Miron embarked on a journey to revisit and potentially revise our six corporate drivers to ensure they remained authentic to who we are as an organization. We felt it was critical to partner with an outside organization that specializes in this type of work to ensure we didn’t enter the process with any preconceived notions or biases. After going through an RFP process, we selected humanworks8, and looking back, we could not have asked for a more talented, genuine, and passionate group of individuals to work with. The team at humanworks8 truly became an extension of the Miron family. We are so grateful for their guidance and assistance with defining our organization’s core values. We were thrilled with the results not only because they so artfully captured what drives our organization, but because they worked so closely with our employees to articulate them. I have no doubt that we will remain connected to the team at humanworks8 and I am hopeful that we will have the opportunity to work with them again in the future.

Jen Bauer

Senior Vice President, Marketing & Culture, Miron Construction Co., Inc.

New Capabilities

Core Value Touchpoints

Employee Experience: Recognize and celebrate Miron team members living out the values in their roles. Welcome and onboard new Miron team members with values-based training and processes.

Relationships: Strengthen community, client and partner relationships through the demonstration of values.

Strategic Planning The Way

Clarity and Accountability: Company and department strategic plans that are regularly discussed, cascaded within the organization and are written clearly on two pages.

Sustainability: Long-term vision and tangible guide for continued strategic planning at both the organization and department-specific levels.

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