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Speaking Engagements

humanworks &
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Speaking Engagements

Building Your Unique Experience

Engaging groups of people in active discussion about leadership and workplace culture gives us energy. Built on backgrounds in theatre, education, psychology, and communications, members of the humanworks8 team have spoken within organizations, large and small, and at various regional, national and global conferences. We’ll engage your audience in interactive virtual or in-person workshops built around any or all of The 8, delivering a message that lives far beyond your event, to bring work to life and life to work. All sessions and outlines are customized to fit the unique needs of your team or organization.

Shawn Gulyas

“Shawn is always one of my favorites. He is real, energetic, and his passion for helping people is inspiring.”

Shawn has engaged audiences within the US and internationally with his uniquely interactive style. A frequent keynote speaker, leadership team facilitator and podcaster, Shawn is the designated Culture Expert for the Wellness Council of Wisconsin (WCWI) and has recently spoken at Wisconsin SHRM, KolbeCon, MRA’s Annual HR Conference, CultureCon and more.

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AJ Kruse

“AJ is a dynamic, engaging leader that understands his audience, and I would recommend humanworks8 to anyone.”

AJ has engaged audiences at every stage of life and every level of business, facilitating learning experiences for groups that range from K-12 students to entry level employees and executive leadership teams. He is a licensed teacher who routinely applies his certification in Kolbe theory (7634) and Kolbe Youth™ to design and lead original sessions where professional development meets personal growth.

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Jason Cochran

“Jason is everything you want in a speaker, coach and consultant: great communicator, pioneering thought leader and humble with the sincere desire to help others.”

Jason empowers audiences to elevate their work through evidence-based, thought-provoking engagements that provide actionable insights and practical tools for lasting change. He is a high-energy, hands-on presenter and podcaster focused on meaningful connection and the future of work.

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humanworks8 in Action

Whether with small groups or on big stages, humanworks8 is committed to sharing our beliefs about The 8.

The Wellness Council of Wisconsin (WCWI) is grateful for the collaborative relationship we have with humanworks8. As we continue to support our community of 450 connected employers to shift the narrative of wellbeing in Wisconsin, we look to leaders in a variety of wellbeing specialties to partner with- like humanworks8.  We are continuously impressed with how they lead WCWI Member organizations and wellness professionals through crucial conversations and strategic development in support of their expertise within organizational culture and values.  Shawn, Sarah, Rebecca, and AJ bring qualities and niche expertise that are unique to humanworks8 which will in turn bring out the best in you and your people.  We look forward to the continued collaboration between WCWI and humanworks8.

Lisa Grenfell

Assistant Director, Marketing & Membership, Wellness Council of Wisconsin

When I need an engaging and innovative speaker, I look to the humanworks8 team. I have invited and reinvited both Shawn Gulyas and AJ Kruse of humanworks8 because, put simply, they energize as they educate. Whenever a member of the humanworks8 team speaks with our audience they share a new perspective and challenge everyone to think differently. I can count on them to engage our attendees, get them involved and leave them wanting more.

Stephanie Clergé

VP of People Development, Kolbe Corp.

From their genuine interest in learning about our audience and their specific needs, to the attention to detail they demonstrated in delivering an engaging final product full of tangible takeaways, the humanworks8 team was an absolute pleasure to work with!

Jeff Butz

Executive Director, Fond du Lac Area Businesses on Health (FABOH)

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