What does a Culture of Well-Being Look Like?

What does a Culture of Well-Being Look Like?

At humanworks, we look at workplace culture through a lens of eight beliefs – We call them “The 8,” and each of them impacts the way an organization operates around well-being.   

While The 8 haven’t changed in the last year, our workplaces have and so have our employees. This year, our well-being initiatives must look at people differently. What does a culture of well-being look like now? How can you – as a leader, a wellness strategist – look through the lens of The 8 as you move forward this year?

Let’s focus on four of these eight beliefs.

A Culture of Well-Being Where Everyone Believes

Values are at your core.

Individuals are more focused than ever before on their values and the values of the organization they work for. They want to see a reflection of themselves in the values of their employer. They want to stand up for and fight for what they believe to be important. They want to live better lives based on their values. Have you seen this in the last year? Have you experienced it yourself?

Core values should feel alive. They should energize your employees and make them say, “I want to work there!” Do yours?

How to Start Building Your Culture of Well-Being Around Values

Three Questions to Ask About Values and Well-Being:

  • Does your organization have a value that celebrates the unique talents of individuals and the importance of those talents for the success of the company?
  • Does your organization have a value that puts wellness and well-being front and center?
  • Does your organization have a value that shows who you are trying to reach and impact?

Where should you start? By recognizing that everyone has their own set of personal core values. Help people ground themselves in their values and then show them how theirs link to your organization. Build confidence, trust and a bond to your organization in doing so. Then, link every wellness initiative to your company values.

A Culture of Well-Being Where Everyone Connects

Strong relationships live in gratitude.

Connection has changed over the last year. Today’s challenges in trying to bring employees together reinforce the need to continue to build strong teams and relationships.

Now is the time to build gratitude into your wellness planning and practices. Take the lead here and go BIG: Begin. In. Gratitude.

How to Start Building Your Culture of Well-Being Around Gratitude

Three Ways to Bring Gratitude to your Business:

  • Day 1: When a new employee joins your company, share gratitude in orientation. Involve the individual’s leader, team and others across the organization. Demonstrate it as a fact of your culture.
  • Meetings: Don’t let one start without a gratitude focus to kick it off. Give the floor to anyone who wants to share. Make it the first item on your agenda.
  • Recognition: Incorporate gratitude into any recognition activities you already do. Call out people specifically and with heartfelt gratitude – so much more powerful than a thank you.

As you lead with gratitude, others will want to be a part of the practice. You’ll find it turns into a natural way that you do business. Employees will find their voice and their connection to your values will strengthen.

A Culture of Well-Being Where Everyone Rises

Leadership must step up.

What does it mean to be a leader in your organization? Does it require support of well-being initiatives and acting as a role model?

How to Start Building Your Culture of Well-Being Around Leadership

Three Questions to Consider About Leadership and Well-being:

  • What’s the most important thing/support you need from your leadership team moving into 2021? 
  • Where do you need them to elevate their effort? 
  • How can you delegate well-being responsibilities to each of them to support what you are trying to accomplish globally at your organization?

Role modeling well-being doesn’t require your leaders to sign up for marathons or start juice cleanses. Though – if they’re passionate about those things, give them a platform to teach. Bring wellness alive by asking leaders to share the passions that bring balance to their lives.

Did you ever imagine that having a leader teach a knitting workshop could be a well-being initiative? Think about it. Leverage your leaders as teachers and inspiration.

A Culture of Well-Being Where Everyone Matters

The best time to begin diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) conversations is now.

Belonging and well-being can’t be mutually exclusive.

What do you need to know to build and adapt your wellness planning for this year and into the future? Turn up the notch on focus groups, surveys or whatever your mode of feedback is. Listen and learn what really matters. It’s okay to not know what your year will look like when it comes to DEI, as long as listening is at the core.

How to Start Building Your Culture of Well-Being Around Belonging

Three Things to Read to Build Your Own Understanding:

In any conversation or experience, have one goal: Create an environment – a culture – a team – a family – a place where people are celebrated for their unique differences, where everyone is equal and can belong. Everyone matters and they should be able to bring all of oneself to work…and to life.

Build a Culture of Well-Being with humanworks

What do you say? Are you ready to take on the opportunity of bringing your workplace to life and life to work by focusing on the well-being of your team? For more on what humanworks believes about building and maintaining a culture of well-being, download the Everyone Thrives overview.


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