Bursting Bubbles: Diversity, Inclusion and the Talent Canvas

Bursting Bubbles: Diversity, Inclusion and the Talent Canvas

Responding to Injustice, Celebrating Diversity

As the Black Lives Matter movement gained momentum in 2020, leaders across every industry and organization type had a choice to make in the moment and to continue making indefinitely: How would they respond to racial injustice?

How would they talk to employees? How would they act? What should or could they do to support?

Since then, we wrote about how to lead your people in a time of unrest. We challenged you to say something, even if it’s not the right thing to say. We spoke about Diversity – Equity – Inclusion with employees of Johnson Controls and Marquette University, with wellness practitioners and LGBTQ+ leaders across the state of Wisconsin and with Kolbe Certified™ consultants from around the world.

We didn’t start with answers; we started with questions. And we’re still asking questions. Still reading books and starting conversations.

Diversity and the Talent Canvas

We want people to show up as themselves, because that’s the only way to truly create a beautiful work of art – a talent canvas. A talent canvas comes to life with new people, perspectives, stories, strengths and experiences, just as a painter’s canvas comes to life with new colors, textures, dimensions and shapes.

The talent canvas requires human connection, but how can we authentically and deeply connect when we are surrounded by bubbles – by thin, protective walls that we don’t believe others can see? We keep asking questions…

Bursting Bubbles: A Tool for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

How can you burst a bubble with the same enthusiasm and joy as you had as a child?

How many bubbles can you burst?

How can you burst a bubble by just being yourself?

How can you burst someone else’s bubble?

Burst a status quo bubble, an inaction bubble, an ignorance bubble.

As these bubbles continue to float around us, we’re trying to pop them.

Pop – Bubble Burst – New Perspective.

Stories about Diversity, Inclusion and the Bubbles We’re Bursting

Connect with us on LinkedIn to read our personal stories of bursting bubbles or click any of the links below. And in the meantime, find some bubbles to burst and celebrate people for who they are.