What To Do Before You Upskill

What To Do Before You Upskill

Are you a “life-long-learner?”

If you haven’t adopted an “upskilling” behavior, now would be a good time to start. A full half of the global workforce will require “reskilling” by 2025, according to one jobs report. In just a few short years, many of us will need to learn new skills.

Why? Because as the world’s industries change, as technologies change, the skills required of the world’s workforce change right along with them. Work as a social media strategist didn’t exist when I was in school – imagine what could exist for the next generation.

The world is demanding workers with new and different skillsets. So, get ready to hear more about “upskilling,” “reskilling” and even “new-skilling.” These are already more than business buzzwords, they’ve become a highly sought-after employee benefit.

Create a Path for Upskilling

Before you enroll in any online classes or pick up a book about artificial intelligence, it’s important to understand where you fit in the grand scheme of this global skill revolution. If you’re truly about to expand your skillset, it’s critical that you take a personal inventory and understand your resources before you begin.

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Your path to life-long-learning must be driven by your interests and aligned to your values. You’ll need mentors, you’ll need to explore multiple paths and you’ll need to evaluate your natural strengths. Before you “upskill,” download the ISo tool here.