Supporting Your Organization Through People Transitions

Supporting Your Organization Through People Transitions

Searching for a new role in “normal” times can be a tough full-time job itself. Add in a pandemic that has deeply affected every industry and the economy, and the role of a job seeker can seem impossible to navigate.  

We all understand that challenging times call for measures such as layoffs or reductions in hours. These transitions not only impact our people and our organization, but also us as leaders. It’s not easy to exit employees from your organization and its culture, especially when it’s something you are forced into by circumstance. It is 100% counter-intuitive to people-focused leaders. 

Leaders of purpose-driven organizations recognize the value of relationships and invest in their workforce. They see a return on this investment when they grow and develop employees. The good news is there are ways to continue taking care of your people even when they’re no longer part of your payroll. 

When affected employees leave, you have the opportunity to set them up for future success while positioning your organization well for this talent’s potential future return. You also have the chance to build great alumni advocates for your company’s culture and brand. How?

With the help of the humanworks8 team, offer your transitioning employees a path of confidence as they take on the challenge of finding their next step in a world of uncertainty. The combination of these unique coaching offerings will enliven and amplify an individual’s job search in addition to giving them a new, powerful perspective on their own abilities:  

  • Define and Communicate Natural Strengths: Transitioning employees complete a series of three unique exercises that will investigate their natural methods of problem solving, aggregate their greatest strengths and abilities and capture their guiding principles, allowing them to confidently communicate who they are and what value they bring.  
  • Present Your Best Self: These individuals take their resume, interviewing skills and social media presence to the next level through a review process and mock interview session. They redefine and market their personal brand as they learn and implement job search and virtual networking best practices. 
  • Prioritize Personal Well-Being: Lastly, they learn to thrive through a traditionally high-stress situation through a focus on self-care. They will uncover goals and create a plan for accountability through employing exclusive humanworks8 tools centered on wellness and personal growth. 

If you’re interested in offering these transition services to employees or former employees of your organization, or for questions about how these services can elevate your people practices, contact Rebecca at