The DO OVER Opportunity

The DO OVER Opportunity

The Gift of a DO OVER

How often do you get the opportunity to start over and think differently about how you want to live your life and run your business? Can a year of turmoil be a gift to open our awareness of what truly matters at work and in life?

Consider a new set of principles to support you and your company’s well-being. Leverage them to support others in their journey.

Life just gave every business and organization in the world a DO OVER. A chance to start again when looking at people and process and wants and needs. In times of survival, we often rely on our natural instincts to pull us through – and survive we did. And think about the extra energy and extra focus it took.

What if you could harness that energy all the time versus only during a pandemic? Guess what – DO OVER.

Renew and Repair

A DO OVER is like a renewal. The repairing of someone who is worn-out, run down, or broken. Building one’s confidence in themselves and the value they bring to the world. The repairing of something whether it is a process or a team, so it is renewed to a state of being made new, fresh, or strong again.

Pause and reflect – it’s time for a revelation. DO OVER.

Make the learning greater than the experience – then harness it and apply it moving forward.

Learnings include – pandemic survival, social and political unrest, virtual interaction malaise, being pushed and forced versus moving at our own free will…

Your DO OVER Starts Now

Where am I beginning my DO OVER? Think about these six actions…

  • Staying grounded in my values
  • Focusing on my unique ability
  • Beginning and ending in gratitude
  • Making the learning greater than the experience
  • Embracing the questions – because a good question is worth far more than a correct answer
  • And taking the time to do nothing – to feed the soil of my soul

Organizations and leaders who recognize and capitalize on a DO OVER will see immediate changes and renewed energy and focus. So will their people. And that’s what matters most.

Replenish your energy.

Give it a whirl…

This is a chance of a lifetime – DO OVERS allowed.

Time to Wonder

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