Building Self-Resilience

Building Self-Resilience

Someone on a call last month said to me they were trying to enter a field of work that was pandemic proof.  That got me thinking…  How do you become pandemic proof?   Is that even possible?  Is it about a specific role or is it about your mindset?  I believe it is about self-resilience.  Here are my 20 thoughts…

By becoming yourself more fully – by gaining confidence in your natural ways of working – by focusing on your passions and values – by being there for others – by taking more time to breathe – by taking more time to focus on what really matters – by doing nothing for a whole day – by investing in people not things – by creating safe places for people to use their creative energy – by knowing how to manage your energy – by learning how you can add the most value with the least effort – by finding time to experiment with words, information, objects, processes, or tools – by never believing there is only one way – by realizing you have natural instinctive energy that is equal to anyone and everyone else around you – by looking for new learning opportunities – by deciding when to stand your ground and when to let go – by holding dear friends close – by committing to something you are passionate about – by staying in gratitude – by being you.

Early in the pandemic humanworks8 created The Compass, which at the time really spoke to people.  Having a personal compass is a useful tool for self-resilience.  

And for me a source of constant energy and focused action is understanding my natural instincts.  They have served me during times of turmoil as well as my greatest successes.  My instincts and the freedom to be myself is my greatest “N-95” and role armor against any future “pandemic” in life and at work.

If you are like that “someone” on my business call in June, let me say – you have it in you.

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