The Vibrations

The Vibrations

Can you feel it?

Whatever’s happening right now in your workplace is the cause of every decision, every action, every word communicated, and everything left unsaid.

It all ripples.  It’s all alive.

Good intentions can sometimes leave behind unintentional scars. 

I try to wear my scars as signs of learning.  Scars often cause people to go into hiding and become more covert in their disillusionment.

Stop trying to “improve the culture” and meetings should be ended immediately where the goal is to brainstorm how to “pump up the culture.”

Because it doesn’t get done in a plan.  It gets done in a moment.  And those moments cling together, sometimes for dear life, to become energy and bring new life.  That’s how a community springs to life.  That’s how a culture slowly evolves.

Everything is in motion.  Your workplace is alive with the energy of motion.

Do you believe that?  If not, look around…. And then think about what new matter you are going to put into this universe – can you choose more wisely?  Can you think about the impact on people first – rather than try to pick up the pieces of someone’s heart or mind afterwards?

It’s a tough task in this day and age when everything is moving so quickly to forget about how everything you do and say does matter because people matter.

Everything is moving – changing – growing – even if you don’t see it.

Maybe it’s easier to recognize when you talk about change or transformation, but status quo is in motion too.

Pause, look and listen – everything is humming and moving.

Are you in tune with this frequency?  What energy and action do you need to send out?  How will it be felt?  What new (e)motion will it cause?

What if your next culture and engagement plan was built from a cellular level?

Feel the vibrations.