The Awe

The Awe

Where have you experienced a moment that stays with you?  A moment suspended in time.

It may have happened looking at nature.  It may have happened looking at someone.

It stands out because it doesn’t fit in your current narrative.  It stands out because it makes you look at something in a new way and you say to yourself, I will never look at it the same way again.  I will never forget what it feels like to experience this.  Right here.  Right now.

When standing atop Angels Landing in Zion National Park recently, I thought to myself – I am just a small part of this vast universe.  Talk about being put in your place – overwhelmed and at the same time inspired.

On the precipice in that moment the others around me who had met the challenge and reached for the sky came into clearer view.  I noticed human features on faces and bodies that normally I may have missed.  A flushed face.  A wrist bracelet made of rope.  A weathered hand.  Minor details of lives that in the moment spoke volumes to me.

And yet we weren’t speaking.  Only nods, winks and smiles.

I felt solitary and connected at the same time.  Time slowed and there was plenty of it.

I believe moments like this can happen anywhere – on Angels Landing, at home and at work.

Look for them.  Create them.  Recognize them.  Relish them.

Let them slow you down and allow you to breathe – change the way you see.

Live in awe.