How to Make Kolbe Actionable

How to Make Kolbe Actionable

You’ve been introduced to conation, you’ve completed the Kolbe A™ Index and you have your results. Now what? How can you use this infor­mation to continually reduce your stress, improve your relationships and become more productive – both at work and at home?

Individual Applications for Kolbe

Reduce Stress

To avoid working against your grain take time to define the ideal out­come at the beginning. Then, negotiate the freedom to get that result working your way.

Review the Conables® tips on pages 6-9 of your Kolbe A Index result. Write per­sonalized versions for yourself and use them as general “do’s and don’ts” for how to use your energy.

Improve Relationships

Tell others about your natural mode of operation and ask about theirs. Appreciate when others have a different method of problem solving than your own.

Take it a step further by reading through any Comparisons: A to A™ Reports you may have. Discuss highlights, tips, learnings and challenges with the other person. Ask questions and look for ways to leverage each other’s strengths.

Boost Productivity

Delete It or Delegate It. Avoid giving effort to things that don’t matter. If it does matter, and you can’t delete it, either do it your way or delegate it to elevate someone with different strengths.

Never promise to work in a way that goes against your grain. Explain to others they will get your best work if you have the freedom to do it your way.

Understand what you need in your physical environment to do your best work. Set up your space according to your initiating and counteracting action modes.

Using Kolbe with Teams

If you’re a people leader, review your team’s distribution of strengths to determine what strengths are propelling your team forward, discuss what might be missing and plan for future success.

Celebrate the unique results of each member of the team, making it a point of discussion during each 1:1 meeting. Encourage employees to identify areas of conative stress, brainstorm solutions around pain points and explore untapped strengths of the team for greater team effectiveness.

Consider these questions during 1:1 meetings with your direct reports:

  • Which words or phrases about your strengths resonated most with you?
  • Which Conables Tips spoke to you most directly and appealed to your gut?
  • What work related tasks do you most enjoy? What makes it enjoyable? Which conative strengths are you using?

In your next team discussion, consider:

  • What strengths on this team outside your own strengths are you grateful for or do you admire?
  • How can we keep these individual strengths top of mind? Where could we display our results to help others work with us most effectively?

When your team understands their individual results, consider its impact on your DEI initiatives. Add Kolbe to your existing Diversity Equity and Inclusion efforts or use it as the foundation to start belonging conversations. The assessment is proven bias-free against age, race, ethnicity and gender.

Making Sense of Kolbe

How else does Kolbe Wisdom connect to the world around you? Check out from Kolbe Corp. to learn more about Kolbe and employee retention, stress, teamwork and even ADHD diagnoses in students. If you’re wondering about the Kolbe result of a school-aged child in your life, ask us about the Student Aptitude™ Quiz and expand Kolbe within your personal network.

Don’t forget to share your result with others such as your financial planner, your doctor, travel agent or even future employer. Jumpstart relationships by letting others know how you instinctively take action.

Ready for the Next Step?

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Address burnout and improve role alignment by introducing the Kolbe B™ Index to your team. Identify new strategies for individual perfor­mance.

Jumpstart team effectiveness through levering the Kolbe Team Tactix® tools. Identify causes of strain and tension and get one step closer to ideal team synergy.  

Learn more about Kolbe and humanworks here.  

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