Believe. Craft. Cherish. Act.

Believe. Craft. Cherish. Act.

Welcome, WCWI Conference Attendees

Thanks for visiting the humanworks8 booth and listening to AJ’s Change the Narrative talk. It was great to meet you! Check out our well-being resources below and connect with us to hear about ways we can help your organization.

Well-Being Strategist Toolkit

The Well-Being Roadmap

Wellbeing Roadmap

Well-being is more than a program. It is – and must be – about every facet of your life. Wellness is about choices, opportunities, growing and learning, and it’s held up by four pillars: Purpose, Balance, Nutrition and Movement. Help your employees on their unique well-being journey by using The Well-Being Roadmap. 

365 Well-Being


At humanworks8, we look at workplace culture through a philosophy of eight beliefs – The 8 – and each of them impacts the way an organization operates around well-being. Let’s turn your wellness program into a culture centered on well-being, starting with core components of our “Everyone Thrives” belief.

Leader Engagement Toolkit

Leader Well-Being Self-Assessment

 Well-being leaders believe people do their best work when they are well, but even the greatest leaders can find ways to better support their employees’ well-being. Designed for any people leader, The Leader Well-Being Self-Assessment illustrates 20 different ways leaders can elevate well-being within their team.

12/12 Timeline

 What if well-being was naturally part of your culture, woven into the fabric of your organization’s leadership practices? Well-being begins with leadership, and even the greatest leaders can find ways to better support their employees’ well-being. Use the “52/52” framework to design your 2023 well-being strategy.

Shawn at WCWI Conference 2021

Shawn Gulyas, WCWI Expert Contributor: Culture

Did you know? Shawn Gulyas, Founder and The Thought Catalyst at humanworks8, is WCWI’s Expert Contributor on Culture.

Learn more about Shawn and check out links to WCWI resources featuring Shawn, including a webinar, Member Resource Group recording and WCWI Well Practice. Shawn was also featured in the pilot episode of the Changing the Narrative of Employee Well-Being podcast with Marissa Kalkman.

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AJ Kruse

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