The Essential

The Essential

With all the talk of what is essential and what is non-essential during these challenging times, it started me thinking what the true essentials for leaders and people are.  What really â€“ I mean really â€“ matters?    

I believe it is drawing people into you, letting them see through the barriers to the truth and then taking one collective breath together in a moment of possibility. 

The Drawing In 

Vulnerability draws people toward you and this closeness is what we need both today and in the future.  This virus may have exposed a vulnerability, but we as leaders and people need to respond with vulnerability to overcome and move on. 

Vulnerability is a strength that is so often mistaken as a weakness.  How do you get stronger?  By accepting you cannot do this alone, whatever “this” is in life.  Bring people to you, let them know where you are by sharing what you are thinking, how you are feeling and what you intend to do about it. 

The Seeing Through 

Transparency exposes both strengths and weaknesses – whether it be about performance, a process or a feeling. 

Here it is.  Cards on the table.  Hands up.  Exposed.  With everything laid out in plain sight, able to be seen and understood, the energy of different people’s innate instincts and ways of working will take action.  The â€śclay” of transparency turns into the form of what needs to be done.  Expose â€śwhat is” clearly and honestly.  What’s to hide?  Who are you hiding it from?  Why?  We need quick fixes now and for a long time ahead.  Build this capacity.  Lay it bare and then let it take shape.  You may end up with Rodin’s The Thinker or Robert Indiana’s Love. 

The Breathing Out 

Wonder is elemental.   

If you are not wondering about what’s ahead, whether that be tomorrow or after a vaccine is discovered, you’re not living.  I also think of wonder as a collective breath we all take as our minds look ahead in anticipation and opportunity.  Take time for this breath solo, in a Zoom call or at home with a loved one.  Make space to inhale and exhale.  I’m seeing a lot of the former, but not as much of the latter â€“ where each of us needs to let it out so it can be seen or heard.  Solutions start with a breath of wonder. 

Nothing non-essential here.