Case Study: City of Sun Prairie

Case Study: City of Sun Prairie

The Outcomes

Authored organizational core values and descriptions

Designed new employee recognition strategy and process

Created new approach for performance management

Client Profile

250 Employees

Incorporated in 1958

The City of Sun Prairie recognizes that its employees make the city special and
drive the community forward, making it stand out among other Midwest
municipalities. Leaders at the City of Sun Prairie are committed to being
an “Employer of Choice,” elevating organizational culture and attracting top
talent. After establishing new policies and practices internally, The City looked to
humanworks8 for support with tying these initiatives together for a big picture
values-based strategy, beginning with gutsy, unique and active core values.

humanworks8 Solutions

The Core Value Touchpoints

Employee values discovery session

Through the facilitation of eight Values Discovery Sessions, we worked with administration, Police, Fire, Public Works, Parks & Rec and other departments across the City of Sun Prairie to create new core values that reflected the progressive and fun environment of the City as a workplace. Over 75 employees participated in these sessions, creating a collection of stories that were uniquely Sun Prairie. Along with the City Council, the humanworks8 team supported the launch of the new values at the annual Employee Summit.

  • Show Up & Step Up: Immerse yourself in the city and be all in for our community, excited to serve. Take pride and make an impact.
  • Shine: Be true to yourself. Show respect and compassion for all. Speak and act authentically, and laugh often.
  • Find a Way: Bring energy and curiosity. Demonstrate commitment as you embrace change. Nothing is impossible – run with it.
  • Guide & Grow: Be an expert and a coach. Let competence inspire confidence. Grow as an individual alongside the city.
  • Collaborative Heart: Love the team environment you create. Listen, lead and nurture connection. Back each other up and address challenges as a team.
Sun Prairie Core Values

While preparing for the launch, we also worked with City of Sun Prairie Human Resources and leadership to design a new employee recognition strategy, resulting in a new program named after one of the core values, “Shine.” Using humanworks8‘s best practices for recognition, Sun Prairie’s team garnered excitement and healthy competition for the program through launching a series of collectable stickers. A promotion calendar supports the ongoing advertising of the program internally to employees to maintain steady engagement.

In addition to recognition, the City of Sun Prairie leveraged our expertise to build a new performance management strategy, “Guide & Grow,” that stimulates authentic coaching conversations and promotes both individual and City growth. This process also produced a set of Values Actions that leaders use to encourage values-centric behavior with their teams.

Client Feedback

Working with humanworks8 to develop our core values was an experience that not only engaged our employees in the moment, but set a new foundation for us to strengthen our internal practices for the long-term.

Caitlin Stene
Director of Administrative Services, City of Sun Prairie

Next Actions

Integrate values into additional people practices, including external communications, talent attraction and internal processes.

Strategic Planning The Way

Leverage new core values to guide all future strategic planning, positioning Sun Prairie to be an employer of choice and city of choice.

Leadership Model

Build learning roadmap and content for individual and group training; Strengthen the coaching capabilities of people leaders

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