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Talent Discovery

humanworks &
Kolbe WisdomTM

Talent Discovery

Three Parts of the Mind

Discover the whole candidate. It’s time to make a hiring decision! You know your candidate’s qualifications and how they align to your culture and values, but how can you be confident the person you’ve chosen is the right person for the role?

Kolbe Wisdom™ removes the guessing game by revealing something more: your candidate’s natural conative strengths. That is, the way they are naturally driven to take action when free to do things their way. Knowing all three parts of the mind gives you the full picture.


Does the candidate meet the knowledge and experience requirements necessary for the role?


Does the candidate align with your organization’s vision and core values?


What is the candidate’s natural method of problem solving and how does it align to the demands of this role?

Confidence with humanworks8 & Kolbe RightFit™

Understanding the conative strengths of your candidates can inform your hiring decisions, but Kolbe RightFit takes it a step further, evaluating the role itself to identify the conative strengths necessary for success.

RightFit is a customizable software that helps you identify a role’s requirements and compare them to a candidate’s natural instincts, giving you the insights needed to determine the best fit. This statistically proven hiring system complements your existing recruiting process with powerful information that is free from bias both in general and as a selector for specific jobs.

Talent Discovery


Finalize job description and identify the hiring leader’s functional expectations of the role. Determine any current high performers in the role, and build a candidate Range of Success™ using Kolbe RightFit.


Learn cognitive abilities, affective qualities and conative strengths of top candidates. Include company core values and conative language in interview questions.

Evaluate & Hire

Consider all three parts of the mind and determine best-fit candidate for the role. Upon start, complete an onboarding conversation based on strengths needed in the role and natural methods of problem solving.

Customized to Your Business

The humanworks8 team of Kolbe Certified™ Consultants has over three decades of experience building Kolbe RightFit thinking into existing hiring processes. We work alongside you to:

  • Elevate Confidence: Gather more meaningful data on which to base hiring decisions
  • Reduce Stress: Support employee productivity and satisfaction through role-alignment
  • Strengthen Teams: Know how candidates will fit within their teams and improve synergy
  • Save Money: Reduce turnover and spend less on traditional recruiting methods
  • Level the Playing Field: Use a pre-hire tool that is free of gender, race, age and ethnic bias

Client Success


Family-owned start-up | Plymouth, WI

The new co-owners sought a stronger way to hire new agents and staff, and dove into Kolbe RightFit™ for hiring unique and replicated roles after learning about Kolbe Wisdom™ and understanding their Kolbe A™ Index results:

  • New employees at a growing business: With an understanding of what success looked like in existing roles, this new hiring process helped the team grow more rapidly and get the right people in the right seat to better serve their clients and community
  • Relationship-building from Day 1: Upon hire, all team members received a comparison report with their leader and other members of their team, drawing an intentional, useful connection between the assessment taken during the interview process and the business’ way of operating

Non-profit | Remote across WI

This chamber team more than tripled in size in less than six months, making the need for the right hires critical.

  • Confidence in future hires: Facilitated team conversations and “Innerview” exercises helped to champion individuals for their ways of problem solving
  • Smooth onboarding: Equipped with a mutual respect for each other’s strengths and abilities, in-between workshop 1:1s addressed relationship challenges and set a path forward for working together

Penfield Children's Center

Health & Education | Milwaukee, WI

Staying true to their core value of “Better Together,” the team at Penfield understood the importance of celebrating individual strengths and working toward team synergy.

  • Executive hiring: Leveraging Kolbe during the recruiting process led to leadership team and Board involvement and commitment to ensuring new leaders were a good cognitive, affective and conative fit
  • Reinforced by all: All Penfield staff know their Kolbe A Index result, so new hires can jumpstart relationships, understanding the strengths of others during onboarding and beyond

Health & Well-Being | Remote Across Wisconsin

Following a period of transition to remote work, the Wellness Council of Wisconsin (WCWI) team was experiencing high turnover, and sought to replace three roles with newly re-imagined roles.

  • Configuring team synergy: Hiring multiple roles simultaneously created an opportunity to identify combinations of top candidates from a cognitive, affective and conative component, identifying each hire's impact to overall team synergy
  • Alignment to new roles: Leveraging the humanworks8 process and Kolbe RightFit tools created confidence in final versions of job postings and interview questions for new positions that were similar, but different from recently-vacated roles

Are you ready to hire right-fit talent?

Learn how humanworks8 can help you understand job candidates and make confident hiring decisions.

Kolbe Wisdom™, The Kolbe A™ Index, Kolbe Rightfit™, and Kolbe Certified™ are trademarks of Kathy Kolbe and Kolbe Corp. All rights reserved. Used herein with permission.