humanworks finds opportunity in 2020

humanworks finds opportunity in 2020

Milwaukee (Oct. 24, 2020) – Milwaukee-based start-up humanworks is celebrating first-year success after a year many would call more challenging than ever. While business leaders Shawn Gulyas, Rebecca Swanson, AJ Kruse and Sarah Marshall have been “bringing work to life and life to work” for decades, they have only been doing so as the four-person humanworks team for one year. The team officially launched at Kolbe Corp.’s Conation Nation Symposium on October 24th, 2019 in Phoenix, Arizona. Since then, the team has persevered through the COVID-19 pandemic and associated economic concerns by listening, staying connected and helping organizations harness the individual strengths of their team members.

Since late 2019, humanworks has worked with organizations, both local and national, to breathe life into people practices. Local organizations taking advantage of humanworks’ services include non-profit Penfield Children’s Center, start-up Frontdesk and global logistics company MacGregor Partners. These organizations, among other clients, experienced improvements in company culture through core values development and promotion, operating system structure and effectiveness, leadership and team dynamics, employee engagement and performance practices and more.

With the combined help of abundance partners like Wellness Council of Wisconsin, Phoenix-based Kolbe Corp., and various Chamber memberships, humanworks continues to grow by sharing through-provoking and unique content, leveraging the power of personalization with its clients and empowering leaders at client companies to focus on their best asset: people.

What’s next for humanworks? The team has plans to continue refining its outreach strategies and diving deep into existing and new clients in 2021 with an even stronger focus on values, gratitude and DEI. In 2019, the team toasted with juices at True Food Kitchen in Scottsdale and donned on-brand mint-colored stationery, snacks and shirts. What did the team do in 2020 to celebrate their first year of success? You’ll have to connect with Shawn, Rebecca, AJ or Sarah to find out…

About humanworks

humanworks is a consultancy focused on the human touchpoints in your business. We believe each of your employees has naturally unique talents, perspectives and instincts—and when those qualities are recognized and valued, business can breathe, grow and thrive. Working with business and HR leadership, we’ll leverage your organization’s innate humanity to foster empowered individuals, flourishing teams and thriving systems. We’re ready to show you how human works.

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