Are you ready to go forward to work?

COVID-19: Forward to Work

You’re never going back to work.

When circumstances challenge our workplace and leadership, humanworks is ready to coach through it. Using the tools and ways of thinking below, the humanworks team has helped clients navigate the uncertainty of the impact of COVID-19. Choose your path – read what you need, organize your plan and take advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead so you can go forward – not back – to work.

humanworks Transition Services

Set your exiting employees up for future success by continuing to invest in their confidence even when they come off the payroll.

Regaining Confidence in Going Forward to Work

Get big picture ideas on returning to work by embracing a newfound confidence that comes with strong values, a focus on well-being and energized strategic planning practices.

Wave Theory: The Journey from Burnout to Growth

Using the Wave Theory, Sarah shares how you, your people and your organization can feel strong and at peace.

Forward to Work

Whether you’re just starting or in the final stages, organize how you will take the pulse, plan for the future and present to employees by using this humanworks tool.

Three Ways to Think Differently About Your Current Reality

Sarah shares three exercises for you and your team to employ as you search for ways to make the most of your organization’s unique COVID-19 experience.

Taking The Compass to the Next Level

If you’ve read The Compass or watched our videos, check out this post take your four points to the next level and action them at your workplace.

The Essential

With all this talk of what’s essential, Shawn dives into what’s really, truly essential in today’s world.

The Compass

Get Shawn’s take on how using four guiding points can help you navigate challenging times personally and professionally.

The Compass in Video

Hear from the humanworks team as they each share their take on The Compass and download The Compass tool for yourself.

Human Values in the Age of COVID

Dive into the insights behind COVID-19 and its impact on people, values and brands.

Let’s go forward to work.

Learn how humanworks can enliven your organization’s purpose and people practices to bring work to life and life to work.