Bursting Bubbles – The Proud Scar

Bursting Bubbles – The Proud Scar

This guest blog post was written by friend of humanworks8 Tammy Ruh-Mertens and is part of the Bursting Bubbles series.

I was in my early 50’s when I had my first overnight stay in a hospital and when I was wheeled out 5 days later, I had a 6-inch scar from the middle of my chest down to my stomach.

It’s a scar I am immensely proud of and you know, I’m proud of myself.

Proud because I leaned in to learning more about the large tumor in the right ventricle of my heart, the major surgery, the recovery that would be required and how life would be interrupted.

Proud because I engaged with my Physicians to make a plan to get me healthy again.

Proud because I conquered the physical and mental pain of recovery with lots of support from family and friends.

Proud because I knew my scar would be very visible and I didn’t want to hide it, as the scar speaks to my journey.  

Self-pride isn’t arrogance or being boastful or vain. Oxford’s definition of “pride” includes, “a feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements…”  If we aren’t proud of ourselves, how can others be?

Pop – Bubble Burst – New Perspective.


How many times have you told yourself or others that you are proud of yourself? 

Take a moment, are you proud of your life’s experiences that have made you an improved version of yourself? Sharing proud moments is a way to support yourself and each other. It’s always a good idea if you ask me, it’s surprising what can come from these open conversations!

Be proud of you and all that you’ve achieved! Wanting “more” is great but don’t forget to take inventory of your accomplishments, celebrate them by sharing your self-pride with others.  You’ll walk a little taller and feel satisfied which will give you energy to tackle what comes next in life.